1963-up riviera->

Classic Buick Riviera for Sale

Rochdale cars were a series of mainly glass fibre bodied British sports car made by Rochdale Motor Panels and Engineering in RochdaleGreater ManchesterEngland between and They performed general motor repairs and made themselves some alloy bodies, usually single-seaters, for racing Austin 7s and other cars. They went on to sell the bodies as the Mk II. In Rochdale launched the Mark IV, using a glass fibre, two-door, two-seater body that was supplied as a bare shell.

It was offered with several wheelbases, ranging from 81 inches, primarily intended for the Austin 7 chassis, up to inches. About were made. Doors and bonnet were ready-fitted and all bulkheads were included. The open body was not rigid enough, so only a few cars were made before the kit was replaced in by the GT.

In the company introduced the Rochdale GT which superseded the earlier ST model and eventually become the best-selling Rochdale. The GT was designed for the Ford Popular and was based on the Rochdale F type racing body, but a roof was added to increase the chassis's torsional stiffness flex compared to the open ST.

The GT was well equipped and came ready-fitted with doors, bonnet, and curved windscreen. From the car was available with Rochdale's own chassis. The Riviera was a convertible version of the GT, available in two- and four-seater versions, with an optional hardtop.

About 50 had been made by the time a fire destroyed the company's premises inforcing relocation to Littledale Mill nearby on Littledale street.

The breakthrough came in with the monocoque Olympic designed by Richard Parker [3] and only the third glass fibre monocoque bodied car to enter production after the Berkeley and Lotus Elite. Unlike many sports and low production cars of the time, wind down windows were installed. Production started in using a Rileytwin-carburettor version, of the 1. The engine and front suspension was mounted on a tubular steel subframe bonded to the body shell and roll over protection was provided by a steel tube over the windscreen.

On test by The Motor magazine in a 1. Front suspension now used Triumph wishbone units whilst the rear used a BMC axle with coil springs. Front disc brakes were fitted. The rear window was made to open to give better access to the interior.

The body moulds are now owned by the Rochdale Owners Club. Vehicle production between and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Rochdale disambiguation. Retrieved 24 January Complete Catalogue of British Cars. London: Macmillan. Specialist Sports Cars. UK: David and Charles. Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile.

London: HMSO. The Motor. Temple Press. Retrieved 29 June This was not merely a fiberglass styling exercise. The Riviera used a hard panel to cover the top when it was stowed. Very clean all the way. Another wasted opportunity. Nobody in could forsee the personal-luxury car as a permanent niche. The Riv was a gamble; and the company was limiting its exposure. That grossly understates what goes into making a new car, even though the suspension and drivetrain was shared with the Falcon.

Which is exactly what it shared with the Falcon. Almost every part of the body and interior were new. And then a new car has to be marketed aggressively. What you describe would apply well to the Barracuda, but not so well to the Mustang. How well did that go over? FWIW, the Riviera was heavily based on the big Buicks, sharing most of the underpinnings and dashboard with them.

On the other hand, the T-Bird was a much more unique car, with its own unibody. It shared almost nothing with the big Fords, except for drive train and such. Its interior and dash were totally unique. AS you said, GM was playing it safe with the Riviera. Paul is correct. In contrast, the Barracuda was much more similar to its sister Valiant than the original Mustang was to the!

The Barracuda used the same wheelbase, cowl, windshield, inner-door structure, etc. Not surprisingly, the Barracuda looked less distinctive than other pony cars of the time. Ford was clearly more willing to take risks on niche cars, but it did pay some attention to economies of scale.

The Thunderbird shared its platform and assembly plant with the Lincoln Continental, and the Mustang was the donor platform for the Maverick — which ultimately morphed into the Granada. Another one who missed an opportunity was AMC with the help of Budd. Mustang had more tuck under than any other Ford product at the time see the panel behind the rear wheel opening.So I was looking at classic cars on the internet when I spotted this Buick Riviera.

I asked my wife Cathy to take a look, she said her had owned one and she really […]. I was 16 years old when the Riviera first appeared at the local Buick dealership in Redding, California.

This summer, Hagerty introduced a new tool for those interesting in the classic car marketplace, launching the Hagerty Vehicle Rating. Classifieds for Buick Riviera.

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1963-up riviera->

Now showing page 1 of 1. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. All Original? One repaint? Original Leather Interior? This Buick Riviera grabbed your attention because it's a sharp-looking and well-priced big V This is the perfect combination of luxury and muscle. Under the hood is a Wilcat Nailhead eng Auction Vehicle.

This Buick Riviera is an early production model that has been fully restored. The body has bee Refine Search. Pick of the Day would make a terrific birthday gift for someone. Riviera convertible was a prize for dealer who sold the most Buicks. Yards of chrome were applied to the two-door coupe, which was a fashionable treatment in its day.

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1963-up riviera->

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1963-up riviera->

Used Car Pricing Used listing price comparison and analysis. Expert Reviews Reviews from CarGurus experts. ForFord introduces a new performance package along with several other updates. User Reviews Reviews from CarGurus users who have driven or owned the car. Great looking, powerful and agile. Good smooth manual transmission.

Great exhaust sounds to bother bad neighbo Handling Ranked Porsche worse.Ford styling really hit the spot for its models, everything from the restyled Falcon compact to the top-drawer Galaxie The Pick of the Day is a Ford Galaxie XL convertible in restored condition, and looking primo in bright red with a black top and bucket-seat interior. The full-scale Ford is motivated […]. Against the car it shared a skeleton with, bearing the name of the most famous supercar maker of all time, how could it be?

Yet the Versione Corse and the MC12 are relevant now, more than ever, ahead […].

1963 Chevrolet Impala for Sale

Through more than 40 years of production, the Volkswagen Golf hatchback family tree has branched in numerous ways, Volkswagen of America notes in a news release, pointing to everything from the Volkswagen Pickup to the GTI and the R.

This video from HotRod. The Germans are known for their engineering prowess. InI watched in amazement as the Joest racing team changed the entire rear, including the motor and transaxle, on two of its R8 LMP cars at Le Mans in under 5 minutes — like it was playing with Legos and a cherry picker.

The team […]. Call it fate, irony, or even the Hand of God, but in I had planned to drive as close to Hudson Bay as was possible. Dad, now 88 and his health in decline, […]. Of all people to stop by the Big Garage in the Sky, the other day the pioneers of the automobile industry were visited by a former public health commissioner for New York City.

Since sixth-generation Ford Mustang global exports began in through DecemberFord has soldcoupes and convertibles […]. A car almost flew across a Polish village after its driver hit a roundabout at nearly light speed. Firefighters had to […]. The shift in production is putting important tools in the hands of frontline medical professionals treating patients seriously ill with COVID Classifieds for Vehicles.

New listings are added daily. Now showing page 1 of Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert.Chevrolet on Thursday built its last Impala, bringing to close a nameplate that dates back to California couple traveled nationwide this year, hitting every one of the hot rod and custom car extravaganzas. Ford styling really hit the spot for its models, everything from the restyled Falcon compact to the top-drawer Galaxie The Pick of the Day is a Ford Galaxie XL convertible in restored condition, and looking primo in bright red with a black top and bucket-seat interior.

The full-scale Ford is motivated […]. Classifieds for Chevrolet Impala. Set an alert to be notified of new listings.

1963 Vehicles for Sale

Now showing page 1 of 5. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Auction Vehicle. This c Worldwide Vintage Autos is pleased to present this Chevrolet Impala.

New V8. A sleek all-black look, proper small block power, four-on-the-floor, and a classic hardtop style ma One owner title in hand unmolested car. Bought from person who bought new.

A beautiful convertible that runs as good as Riding on rally style wheels and BF Goodric Welcome to StreetDreamsTexas as we celebrate our 21st year in the classic and muscle car business. Here is a fine example of a true original Chevrolet Impala ! Triple black with black vinyl top.The Buick Riviera is a personal luxury car that was marketed by Buick from towith the exception of the model year.

1963-up riviera->

As General Motors ' first entry into the personal luxury car market segment, the Riviera was highly praised by automotive journalists upon its high-profile debut. The ground-up design that debuted for was also Buick's first unique Riviera model, and it pioneered the GM E platform.

While the early models stayed close to their original form, eight subsequent generations varied substantially in size and styling. A total of 1, Rivieras were produced. The Riviera name was resurrected for two concept cars that were displayed at auto shows in and in The name RivieraLatin for coastlinewas chosen to evoke the allure and affluence of the French Riviera.

It first entered the Buick line inas the designation for the new two-door pillarless hardtopdescribed in advertising as "stunningly smart". The Buick Roadmaster Riviera coupe along with the Cadillac Coupe de Ville and Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupe constituted the first mass production use of this body style, which was to become extremely popular over the next 30 years.

Buick added a two-door Riviera hardtop to the Super the following year, the Special in and the Century upon its return, after a year absence, in From to the Riviera designation was given to the existing long wheelbase versions of the four-door Buick Roadmaster and Super sedans. The —52 Buick Super four-door Riviera sedan is still 0. Inwith the move from the Fireball straight-eight to the more compact Nailhead V8 engine, the Roadmaster and Super four-door Riviera sedans became the same length.

In the middle of the model year, Buick and Oldsmobile introduced the world's first mass-produced four-door hardtops, with Buick offering it only on the Century and Special models, and the Riviera designation was also applied to these body styles.

Four-door Riviera hardtops were added to the Roadmaster and Super lines at the beginning of the following model year. However, since it was a body style designation and not a model, the Riviera name does not usually appear on the car.

InBuick became much more selective in applying the Riviera name. From then until it only was used to denote a premium trimmed six-window hardtop style which it initially shared exclusively with Cadillac the Oldsmobile 98 would receive it in and was available only on the Electra The last usage of the term Riviera to describe a luxury trim level wasas the formal designation of the Electra Riviera four-door hardtop, the same year the E-body model two-door hardtop coupe Riviera made its debut.

In the late s, GM lacked a personal luxury car to compete with the highly successful Ford Thunderbird —a uniquely styled, two-door that had dramatically increased in popularity when expanded from a two-seater to a four-passenger car.

Its angular look was reportedly inspired by GM styling chief Bill Mitchell 's visit to London during the period, when he was struck by the sight of a custom-bodied Rolls Royce. He later said that "knife-edged" styling was what he wanted for the new model, but with a lower profile. The design itself was penned by stylist Ned Nickles. When Cadillac passed on the venture in the project was thrown open for competition by the other GM Divisions.

Buick, desperate to revive its flagging sales, won the competition by enlisting the aid of the McCann-Erickson advertising agency to create its presentation. It was again introduced as a concept car in called the Buick Riviera Silver Arrow. The production Riviera was introduced on October 4,as a model, its distinctive bodyshell was unique to the marque, unusual for a GM product.

The design was substantially the same as the original, less expensively hidden headlights concealed in the fender grilles. There was no trace of the " Sweepspear " used on beltlines of earlier Buicks with the Riviera package. It rode a cruciform frame similar to the standard Buick frame, but shorter and narrower, with a 2. Power steering was standard equipment, with an overall steering ratio of The Riviera's suspension used Buick's standard design, with double wishbones up front and a live axle located by trailing arms and a lateral track bar in the rear, but the roll centers were lowered to reduce body lean.

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